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California Northern SD9 pack2
Filesize: 5.47MB Trainz Build: 2.2 () Asset Thumbnail
Author: bdaneal, Stealthsteam
Rating: 4.6/5
Downloads: 872
Uploaded: August 1st 2011
Kuid: kuid2:386914:10012:1, 386914:10013:1, 386914:20004, 386914:20005
2 SD9's with Clifornia Northern skins. Units 202 and 203.  Original model by bdaneal. (Ben Neal)  Beacon meshes and loco skins by Stealthsteam (Brandon Styczinski)  Horn sound can be downloaded here. http://uslw.net/downloads.php?action=view&id=160 .  Thank's Ben for permishion to release these.

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